Let’s face it importing data into the Raiser’s Edge can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. EasyREimport creates EXACT import files with correctly named and formatted headers that are ready to import with NO Exceptions, but remember if you type your fund id incorrectly you still may get an exception, it happens.

If you have never imported data into the Raiser’s Edge a great summary can be found in this article from Blackbaud’s website: The basics of importing

The basic data that 90% of all our clients need is covered the using EasyREimport. But EasyREimport can easily be used to import any additional data as it gives you the required ids needed to update records in your database.

EasyREimport first takes any datafile and quickly creates exactly formatted constituent and gift import files. Having worked with the Raiser’s Edge since 1997 we know there is always more data to import. EasyREimport can help with any additional data that might not be included in our standard process. Let’s say you want to import volunteer hours into the volunteer module or import proposals. Well to start with you always need either the constituent or import id.

EasyREimport paired with an Export from your Raiser’s Edge database takes any datafile and quickly adds existing constituent and import id’s so you can import / update those constituent records with whatever data you would like. Having your original data file appended with constituent and import id’s you can take the most complex imports and break them down to manageable easy to work with files that all begin with the ever important constituent or import id. Not sure of what required fields are needed for an import? Blackbaud has descriptions and sample file formats available in their Knowledgebase.

Another pro tip, EasyREimport starts out adding one gift, note, attribute, etc… But, an easy way to add multiple constituent attributes, gifts and notes without having to format any data is to simply run EasyREimport twice and create a different attribute, note etc…during a second pass. Then extract just the columns of data you need.

Blackbaud’s Knowledge Base is an amazing resource for importing, they have detailed instructions for importing everything from a simple record to complex importing techniques for any possible field or relationship in the entire database. A complex import of a field you don’t often import is made simple when you download a see sample import file from Blackbaud’s Knowledge Base. If you are new to importing start with this one, “The basics of importing


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