Constituent Code Exception Invalid Field: Invalid Code table entry


Importing Constituent Code Short Description vs  Long Description: Ex: Volunteer vs. VOL

Anytime you are importing you should first Validate your import to make sure it will process.

You can either import Constituent Codes using the long or short table description, but you may receive an error if you are using the Short Description.

You can avoid the above error entering the long description value OR you can change a User Option setting in the Database View as shown below. If you have the highlighted row checked to, “Use Long Description for display and data entry” You will receive the error above if you try and import the Constituent Code Short Description in this case VOL for Volunteer. But if you uncheck the box, you can import VOL without errors.

***Note I tested a Fund import using both the Fund ID and long Fund Description on a Gift Import and both worked no matter of this setting. The error above was using a Constituent Import.