I want to add a New Address for my existing records

A great feature of EasyREimport.com is that it returns your original data file appended with the constituent id and the import id of each record where it finds a match.

One client wanted to import new addresses so we went to the completed source file and removed a few columns leaving these:

Using the source file returned with the import id we added a column for AddrImpID, leaving it blank, as the system would assign this. We added AddrType, “Home” but check with what values you use in your database and use something specific. PrefAddr is an important field as adding a, “Y” makes this address import as the preferred address which shows up on the Bio 1 tab.

Remember when you go to Admin and Import this is an Constituent Address import. It is not an update as we are importing an entirely new address record which will be the preferred address.


To Update an existing address you need the Constituent ID and the Address Import ID as you are updating a specific address record on the constituent record. This could be useful if you had a number of address records in ALLCAPS and wanted to Export the required fields, change to proper case and then Update the address records using the import process.