Importing 101

Let’s face it importing can be a bit intimidating. EasyREImport creates EXACT import files with correctly named and formatted headers that are ready to import with NO Exceptions. But that is only the start, using our Second Pass feature you can take the most complex imports and break them down to manageable easy to work with files that begin with the constituents import id.

On the page below we have added some of the best Excel tips to get your data ready to import. Do you have data in ALL CAPS or need to combine multiple field? Over 20 years of importing these are some of the best Excel formulas to use when importing.

Unsure of the proper format for importing additional data we also provide some sample imports that you can match the formatting.

Don’t forget to click the button below to learn how our Second Pass feature can take a giant dataset with a large number of columns and turn it into small easy imports.

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