Add Import Id’s to any File

Do you have a spreadsheet of names from another department or other data from an event or your grants person that would be more valuable if you had the import id’s appended from Raiser’s Edge? Once you have import’s id’s you can easily update records within Raiser’s Edge. One of the fastest things EasyREimport can do is take any spreadsheet and an Export from your database and quickly return your spreadsheet appended with import id’s for matched constituents. It will even generate a perfectly formatted import of the unmatched rows of data. Does your file also contain gifts? If so EasyREimport will also produce a corresponding Gift Import to add gifts to the existing and new constituents. 

Want to know more about the matching process used to match data from a spreadsheet and Raiser’s Edge

Bank Lockboxes

One of our long time clients uses a bank lock box for the majority of their large traditional mailing appeals. EasyREimport takes the files of names and gift amounts, from the bank or caging company, and within minutes creates a new constituent import and a single gift import containing both new gifts and gifts that link to existing constituent records. What used to take hours to hand key is now fully automated.

10 Day Radioathon 3 Times a year

Three times a year for over seven years EasyREimport created daily import files for ten days straight for what has to be one of the largest radiothons in the United States. The nature of the event is that many of the donors will make multiple donations over the course of the ten day event. By exporting a new Raiser’s Edge export file each day EasyREimport was able to catch those donors and keep all of their donations on one record. Huge time savings.

Payroll Deduction

A hospital client of ours uses the employee id as the constituent id in the Raiser’s Edge. Twice a month, accounting sends them a file of all payroll deductions, but unfortunately payroll doesn’t flag the new employees and those records have to be manually added. To save time they run the file through EasyREimport. Instead of importing the files that are created they use the new constituent import file to add those constituent records as new employees and then simply update the recurring payroll batch with their new recurring gifts. This is way faster than manually searching for the new employees. Maybe one day payroll will flag those records, but for now EasyREimport to the rescue!

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